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Athena Sweet Athena

A leading local producer of a cosmopolitan sweet

Athena Sweet Athena is a family owned business based in Ioannina, North West of Greece. To address an international audience, Athena Kolionasios had to break new ground. In Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and some more European countries, oriental sweets were mainly introduced by people of Turkish origin who identified baklava with their traditional Pistachio variety, strong in butter and thick in texture. Too sweet and bad for the diet, that was the general perception also in USA and Canada at the turn of the century. Very few people actually knew the richness of baklava history, its complexity of ingredients and flavors, and the superb “in mouth” sensations a fine baklava can produce.

Athena’s team spent almost a decade researching and trying different ingredients, syrups, flavors and baking times to create more than 50 awarded baklava recipes, even baklava with extra virgin olive oil and baklava with organic agave syrup (no sugar). Elegant and savory enough for a Pasha, an Emir or a citizen of our modern world and honoring over 10 generations of Ioannina baklava makers.

Now Athena Sweet Athena is the leader in Greece and exports in more than 25 countries with more than 10.000.000 baklava rolls per year. A leading local producer of a cosmopolitan sweet.

We are proud to offer you this fine handmade piece of Greek patisserie in innovative individually packed rolls, maintaining freshness and safety until their expiry date like we do for more than 3 decades.