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Ceramic Art

Pottery is one of the world’s oldest handicrafts and the ceramic tradition developed by the ancient Greeks was surely one of the most sophisticated. The word ‘ceramic’ comes from the Greek keramos, meaning ‘potters’ clay’. Thanks to its durability, pottery has provided archaeologists with an invaluable insight into many aspects of ancient Greek life and culture, including religion, dress and social attitudes.

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Doll Figurine


The creation of the Navarino Ceramic Doll Figurine has been influenced by similar objects excavated in several sites in the Peloponnese

€24,60 exklusive Versand

Fortune Cubes Game


In Ancient Greece cubes were a popular game. Homer mentions that the Achaean hero Palamedes invented cubes to keep the besiegers of Troy occupied in their free time.

€24,61 exklusive Versand

Horse Figurine Navarino Icons


The love of animals in life and death was a very important aspect in the ancient Greek world. This ceramic horse figurine was inspired by grave findings of the Mycenaean era, in the Peloponnese.

€24,95 exklusive Versand

Navarino Icons Ceramic Dice


Games with dice were played since ancient times.

€17,22 exklusive Versand


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