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The traditional Cretan diet

Crete is blessed with a wonderful nature, a mild climate and fertile land. The gastronomical heritage of the island originates from antiquity and the Minoan times. The Cretan diet is based on traditional Cretan products, in particular, the olive oil, fish, cheese and a great variety of fruits and vegetables. It is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and it offers longevity and good health. Meals are always accompanied by the unique Cretan wine or tsikoudia (the local drink).

The island is also known for the honey production and wine tradition. It is worth mentioning that the oldest glass of wine was found in Crete and dates back for 3,500 years. Crete products are particularly famous for their excellent quality. Cretan olive oil is actually the best in the world.

Fördert eine entspannende und beruhigende Atmosphäre.
€13,50 exklusive Versand
Alleviates unpleasant smells Cedarwood, Lemon, Grapefruit, Pine, Palmarosa, Tea tree
€13,50 exklusive Versand
Kretischer Thymianhonig mit Natives Olivenöl Extra Melaion .. Etwas mehr als Honig. Das älteste Rezept der Welt mit kretischem Honig und Olivenöl gU Sitia in Kugeln
€18,50 exklusive Versand
entspricht €123,33 pro 1 kg(s)
Helleo handmade soaps are 100% natural, from organic Cretan olive oil and only pure raw materials
€4,75 exklusive Versand